Monday, 24 June 2013

So what is Project Montrose?

Rather more years that I care to remember I came across some information on James Graham, first Marquis of Montrose, and his campaigns in Scotland during the Civil War.  Given that I was interested in dipping my toe in gaming the English Civil War and these were relatively small engagements but with a interesting variety of troops it looked like an excellent starting point.

I picked up a copy of C.V. Wedgwood's Montrose and was fascinated by the man and the period.  This was the starting point for Project Montrose - the wargame.  I freely admit that this project has had a gestation period that would make that of an Elephant a mere blink of an eye but there was slow but measurable progress.  Then I was distracted by an almost endless number of other shiny things and it has only been recently that I have returned to Montrose.

Project Montrose - the blog - is something of an experiment.  At it's heart it's somewhere for me to report progress, however slow, on the project but also to capture material I am gathering for scenarios and actually gaming the period.  It's not, I hasten to add, a substitute for posts on The Wargame Shed but rather a complement to them.  I hope that it will help me keep this project on track more than I have in the past and also provide something of use to others interested in this intriguing period of our past.

Please don't expect frequent posts, they are likely to come in fits and starts probably with little or no pattern - you have been warned!